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12 phases of finding your way through a Hookup

12 phases of finding your way through a Hookup

Through mutual friends, on Tinder, at the bar, or anywhere else – the first time you’ve planned a hookup with a new partner almost always takes some serious preparation beforehand whether you’ve met them. A number of this prep tasks are helpful, a number of it… less.

1. Confirm he’s not secretly a serial killer.

Perhaps you went home that is straight fulfilling them, or possibly you spared it for your day of the big hookup, but in either case, chances are that you’re going to devote a while to online stalking the new model. With every social media place you don’t discover a horrible, deal-breaking secret – or even worse, ebony accidentally tap ‘like’ that you type their name into the search bar of, you pray.

2. Screenshot his pictures.

As you’re partaking in your on line stalking, it is probably that you’ll display screen shot a couple of pictures and text them to your bestie for a fast (or hilariously in-depth) 2nd viewpoint.

3. Make sure that you’ve got security.

Recalled to bring your supplement today? Check Always. Have actually plenty of condoms? Always Check. Lube readily available in the event? Always Check.

4. Begin your playlist.

Get the music pumping as well as your confidence sky-rocketing.

5. Start your primping ritual.

Hop within the bath or shower and begin your care that is personal regime. Perchance you want to do a rigorous exfoliation that is full-body or even you simply run a razor your feet quickly. Whatever it really is you will do, caring for your own personal hygiene pre-hookup is a way that is surefire feel just like a million dollars.

6. Check always yourself out nude.

Prior to getting dressed, use the chance to glance at your nude bod when you look at the mirror. Appreciate your assets, consider everything you see as flaws, and wonder exacltly what the brand new partner will probably think the first-time they see you sans clothes. (more…)

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