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And here again the ladies helped to preserve the traditions by instructing youngsters about times passed by, or by working towards the Protestant faith in secret. All this progress got here to an finish in 1620, when the Protestants lastly misplaced within the Battle of the White Mountain, near Prague.

Large enterprises have been privatized through the sale of vouchers to citizens over 18 years of age, who then became shareholders. Some of the heavy industries and banks nonetheless owned by the state could also be privatized sooner or later. For basic needs, significantly temperate-zone food merchandise, Czech society is self-sufficient, nevertheless it imports oil and gas. The republic has provides of coal and lignite and uranium ore. Well over half the nation’s electrical power is generated by coal-fired thermal energy stations, some is supplied by nuclear vegetation, and a comparatively small amount is produced by waterpower.

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An inscription on the ornate auditorium, Národ sobě , interprets freely as “By the individuals to the people.” A image of the Nazi occupation is Lidice, a neighborhood in central Bohemia. As punishment for the assassination of the Nazi deputy administrator of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich, on 10 June 1942, the village was razed, with all of Lidice’s 192 men shot and 196 women and many of the one hundred and five kids sent to concentration camps. After the war, a brand new village was constructed nearby and the tragedy was commemorated by a monument and a memorial rose backyard. Several communities in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and elsewhere had been named Lidice in reminiscence of the innocent people who misplaced their lives.

When attending cultural occasions, Czechs dress for the occasion, and young women attempt to comply with the most recent kinds. Younger folks are typically more informal and self-confident than their elders. In the primary half of the Nineties, the Czech economic system was transformed from a centrally planned financial system to an basically privatized, market-oriented economy. Small businesses nationalized through the Nineteen Fifties by the communist regime have been returned to the rightful homeowners or their heirs; small businesses created in the course of the socialist period were auctioned off to employees or outsiders.

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One of the symbols of the Czech nationwide revival that occurred from close to the end of the eighteenth century to the Eighties is the National Theater ( Národnídivadlo ) in Prague. The theater was opened in 1881 however was destroyed by hearth later that yr. Restored and reopened in 1883, it continues to be one of Prague’s landmarks.

The Czech lands fell under the rule of the Austrian Catholic rulers. Women have been once more advised that their place was in the house only. They were only valued as breeders of as many kids as attainable, particularly of boys, who would ultimately serve within the ever expanding Austrian military.

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To honor Saint Wenceslas, in 1848 the big central boulevard in Prague was renamed Wenceslas Square ( Václavskénáměstí ), and in 1913 an equestrian statue memorializing him was erected there. Because Roma life span is on common 10 years shorter than non-Roma life span in the Czech Republic, we’ll probably never hear directly from many of the women subjected to this therapy during the Nineteen Sixties. At least one girl who introduced ahead a complaint to the Ombudsman has since died. These ethical obligations and their legal corollaries have been violated by instances of unethical sterilizations performed on women worldwide. One set of cases of coerced, compelled and involuntary sterilizations was initiated by communist Czechoslovakia in the early Nineteen Seventies and perpetuated by its democratic successor states in the 1990s.

(“Where Is My Home?”), was initially a track in a well-liked satirical play of 1834. The first stanza extols the beauty of the countryside, and the second the the Aristocracy of the Czech people. In 1918, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire disintegrated and the Czechs and Slovaks were given a country of their very own, this gentle track turned one of many two nationwide anthems of Czechoslovakia, together with the Slovak national anthem. The Czech flag consists of a decrease purple subject and an upper white area with a blue wedge reaching from the flagpole facet of the flag to its center. The central feature on the small coat of arms is a break up-tailed lion carrying a crown.

Wenceslas has been revered as a saint since the second half of the tenth century and as a patron and protector of the nation and a logo of statehood since the eleventh century. The ancient chorale “Saint Wenceslas, Ruler of the Czech Land” ( Svatý Václave, vévodo českézemě ) has been a nationwide hymn since the finish of the thirteenth century.

Many Protestants could not leave the country, especially those who worked the fields. The rest of the 17-th and a lot of the 18-th centuries grew to become one of the darkest occasions in Czech historical past. The Czech “rebels and heretics” have been punished severely and the Czechs were virtually eliminated as a nation. The Czech language was saved alive solely in the smallest and remotest villages, where it was preserved in folksongs, tales and legends, and in a number of books , rigorously hidden from the authorities.

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The large coat of arms makes pictorial references to Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. Several historical personalities have particular which means for Czechs. The earliest is Václav I , who was killed by the order of his younger brother and successor, Boleslav I, in 929 or 935.

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